Jennifer Gray – How to Break the Cycle of People Pleasing and Burnout

Jennifer Gray, “The Brand Therapist”, has navigated the business and therapy worlds for almost twenty years. She counsels overwhelmed professionals on how to boldly reimagine their life.

In her conversation with Shari, Jennifer discusses the relationship between people pleasing and burnout and the conflict between personal and professional values. They also discuss the signs of burnout and tips to manage burnout. Jennifer also talks about how she maximizes her return on life.

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Gray is a sought-after mental health therapist and coach helping entrepreneurs develop bold confidence and a fulfilling business. Her expertise has been featured in Forbes, New York Magazine, The Journal of Financial Planning, and more. With 20 collective years of education and experience in finance and behavior, she deeply understands the complexities of struggling with self-doubt, burnout, perfectionism, and overwhelm as an entrepreneur. When she isn’t excitedly empowering others to build the business and life of their dreams, you can catch her in the Pacific Northwest soaking up nature, traveling, laughing, learning, and dancing with her partner and pets.

Connect with Jennifer:

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