Susan Heymann and Lorri Bernstein – Senior Living Specialists

Shari talks with Susan and Lorri about their journey to co-founding Senior Living Specialists Chicago, a premier local and free Senior Community Referral Service. Susan and Lorri explained the different types of senior communities, from independent living to nursing homes. They discuss who benefits from their services, their process to finding the perfect community and how finances impact their clients’ decisions. They share some success stories – and how they maximize their return on life.

Susan Heymann was born and raised in the North Shore of Chicago. After attending Miami of Ohio, she worked as a stockbroker for several years before settling down in Deerfield where she raised three wonderful children. Susan’s recent experience, caring for her aging father, connected her with many different people in the greater senior living community. She loves helping all people and finding meaning in working alongside seniors and their families. ​In her spare time, Susan enjoys painting, antiquing, gardening, playing with her dogs and being a proud Board Member of Project H.O.O.D. of Chicago. Susan is a Certified Dementia Specialist.

Lorri Bernstein has been volunteering with seniors since she was a little girl and has always been fascinated with and in awe of senior’s life experiences and earned wisdom. She co- founded (with Susan Heymann) Senior Living Specialists Chicago in 2020, offering a complimentary service helping seniors navigate finding senior living communities – from Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. When not working, Lorri enjoys her four adult children, yoga, walking any and everywhere, and serving on a committee for Twilight Wish Foundation. Lorri has a Master of Social Work, and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner.

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