Adam Greco – The Budget Evangelist

Where does all my money go? This is a question many people can’t answer. In this podcast, Shari talks to budgeting expert (and little brother) Adam Greco about budgeting tips. Adam is a budgeting fanatic. He lays out three budgeting strategies:  A) Set an annual saving goal and the budget will fall into place.  B) Use a spreadsheet and budget the big items – rent/mortgage, insurance, debt, health, travel, etc.  C) Use a comprehensive budgeting program like Quicken. Adam will help you align your expenses to your values and give you peace of mind. Remember: You can have anything you want, not everything.


Adam Greco is one of the leaders of the digital marketing analytics industry. As one of the earliest customers and employees at Omniture, he has helped thousands of organizations improve their digital properties through the use of data. Adam has blogged extensively about digital marketing analytics and authored the preeminent book on Adobe Analytics. Adam has served as a board member of several digital analytics organizations and has won several awards from the Digital Analytics Association. Adam is currently a product evangelist for Amplitude, where he helps leading organizations strategize around using data to accelerate growth.

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